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welcome to 7 hills tour page

Welcome to Hills of 7 Tours

So What!

I’m a long-serving resident photographer, and often called a Native San Franciscan. I would like to share from the natives’ point of view the sites,

Sounds & sustenance of The City By The Bay;

*spectacular views from the Seven Hills, where Victorian Buildings abound,
*experience the hustle & bustle of the various neighborhoods, and
*tickle your taste buds with appetizing cuisine from diverse cultures.
These and more while I help develop your photographic eye.

Who Cares!

The Tours of The City are for the adventurous, the daring;
*those who want to experience The City through the eyes of the native San Franciscans,
*those who want ’to climb’ the streets, or motor down Divisadero & Taylor Streets,
*those who want to excite their palate with Adobo, Natto, and Ube Ice cream,
These and more while I help develop their photographic eye.

Why Me !

Since 1974, I’ve been experiencing The City, and still learning more everyday. Nothing pleases me more than to share what San Francisco has to offer, to share my photographic expertise & experiences, that those I meet will have learned, will have changed & will have grown by day’s end.

Russian Hill

Russian Hill

Russian Hill is a neighborhood of San Francisco, California, in the United States. It is named after one of San Francisco’s 44 hills, and one of its original “Seven Hills”.

Russian Hill is directly to the north (and slightly downhill) from Nob Hill, to the south (uphill) from Fisherman’s Wharf, and to the west of the North Beach neighborhood. The Hill is bordered on its west side by parts of the neighborhoods of Cow Hollow and the Marina District. At the northern foot of the hill is Ghirardelli Square, which sits on the waterfront of the San Francisco Bay, Aquatic Park, and Fisherman’s Wharf, an extremely popular tourist area. A trip down the winding turns of Lombard Street and across Columbus Avenue to the east leads to the neighborhood of North Beach. Down the hill to the west, past Van Ness Avenue, are Cow Hollow and the Marina districts.

Source : Wikipedia

Rincon Hill

Rincon Hill is a neighborhood in San Francisco, California. It is one of San Francisco’s 49 hills, and one of its original “Seven Hills.” The relatively compact neighborhood is bounded by Folsom Street to the north, the Embarcadero to the east, Bryant Street on the south, and Essex Street to the west. Rincon Hill is located just south of the Transbay development area, part of the greater South of Market area. The hill is about 100 feet (30 m) tall.

Following the California Gold Rush, Rincon Hill was built up as a fashionable and prestigious residential neighborhood. After it was destroyed by the 1906 earthquake and fire, the neighborhood was slow to rebuild and largely became an industrial area with small factories and warehouses. In 1985, and revised in 2005, the area was rezoned into a high-density residential neighborhood designed to house up to 10,000 new residents in close proximity to the city’s Financial District.

twin peaks

Twin Peaks

The Twin Peaks are two prominent hills with an elevation of about 925 feet (282 m) located near the geographic center of San Francisco, California. Only 928 foot (283 m) Mount Davidson is higher within the city. The North and South Twin Peaks, also known as “Eureka” and “Noe” respectively, are about 200 m (660 ft) apart; Twin Peaks Boulevard runs a figure eight around them. The peaks form a divide for the summer coastal fog pushed in from the Pacific Ocean. Their west-facing slopes often get fog and strong winds, while the east-facing slopes receive more sun and warmth. Elevation at each summit is just over 900 feet (270 m). Thin, sandy soil is commonplace on Twin Peaks, making them susceptible to erosion.

Source : Wikipedia

If you come up here on a clear night, the lights of San Francisco sparkle below you in every direction.

Twin Peaks also hosts a large reservoir holding 300 million gallons, installed on the peaks after the 1906 quake as a water supply for fighting fires.

Insider Tips

Climb to the top. For an even better view, climb the rugged stairs up to the top of each peak.
You really will feel you’re floating above the whole Bay Area! The peak furthest from the parking
lot has probably the best view.
Try to go on a clear day. When it’s foggy, Twin Peaks sits right in the middle of it
and you won’t see anything but swirling fog.
Dress warmly. It can be very cold and windy, so bring a jacket.
Go early. Twin Peaks San Francisco is a popular stop for the local tour buses.

Mt. Davidson

Mount Davidson is the highest natural point in San Francisco, California, with an elevation of 928 feet (283 m). It is located near the geographical center of the city, south of Twin Peaks and Portola Drive and to the west of Diamond Heights and Glen Park. It dominates the southeastern view from most of Portola Drive. It is one of San Francisco’s many hills and one of its original “Seven Hills”. Mount Davidson’s most notable feature, aside from its height, is the 103-foot (31.4 m) concrete cross situated on the crest of the hill. It is the site of a yearly prayer service, performed on Easter, when the cross is illuminated.

Source : Wikipedia

Where to eat :


Where to shop :


Nob Hill san Francisco

Nob Hill

Nob Hill is a neighborhood in San Francisco, California, centered on the intersection of California Street and Powell Street. It is one of San Francisco’s 44 hills, and one of its original “Seven Hills.” Prior to the 1850s, Nob Hill was called California Hill (after California Street, which climbs its steep eastern face). It was renamed after the Central Pacific Railroad’s Big Four – called the Nobs – built mansions there.

Source : Wikipedia

Tour Dates: May 16 – June 16, 2017

Tour Prices : ???

telegraph Hill san francisco

Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill (elev. 275 ft (84 m)) is a neighborhood in San Francisco, California. It is one of San Francisco’s 44 hills, and one of its original “Seven Hills”.

Tour Description

pacific heights

Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights is an affluent neighborhood of San Francisco, California, which is known for the notable people who reside in the area. It is located in one of the most scenic and park-like settings in northern California, offering panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay, the Palace of Fine Arts, Alcatraz, and the Presidio. Its location provides a temperate micro-climate that is clearer, but not always warmer, than many other areas in San Francisco.

Source : Wikipedia

The neighborhood is loosely bordered by Van Ness and Presidio avenues and Pine and Vallejo streets and was first colonized by the nouveau riche of the late 1800s when the construction of a new cable-car line made the area accessible. The extravagant dwellings that characterize the district today stand as testimony to the desire of those early residents to impress their Nob Hill neighbors.

Restaurants :

Elite Cafe

The Grove Filmore

Source : SFGate

Each tour is deeply researched and based on factual information. The true San Francisco Experience from the eyes of a native. Your guide Lito is a long-time resident & professional photographer.

*Victorian Homes
*Famous & not-so-famous buildings / homes
*Steps to view and/or run up & down for cardio enthusiasts
*Photo lessons / critique and follow-up
Contact me through this page.
Go to this link
All Images shot on various iPhones.

San Francisco, California

    All Images shot on various iPhones .

My name is Lito. I’m a long-serving resident photographer, and often called a Native San Franciscan. I would like to share from the natives’ point of view the sites, sounds & sustenance of The City By The Bay.
Your tour guide

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